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Free DUI Consultation

Dec. 23, 2019

If you are charged with a DUI or expect DUI charges to be filed against you, Dan can help. DUI is a serious offense that carries both administrative and criminal penalties. In order to understand these penalties and the criminal process, you should consult an attorney. All of Dan’s DUI consultations are free. Through a consultation, Dan can discuss with you your situation and your options in defending against the DUI charges. The information discussed in a DUI consultation is confidential, even if you choose not to retain Dan’s services.

A DUI case has several important phases. The DUI case begins on the night of the arrest and may conclude with a jury trial, a plea bargain to a lesser charge, an outright dismissal, a deferred prosecution, or a conviction. Whatever the final outcome, a person charged with DUI needs to understand the implications a DUI will have on their driving record, their job, their family, and their criminal history.

In order to protect your rights, and to maximize your likeliness of an optimal outcome, you should contact Dan immediately after you have been arrested for DUI.