Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyer Dan is available to handle property and contractual disputes for individuals and small businesses. Whether you are a property owner facing a property line dispute, a business attempting to collect an unpaid balance, or have questions about whether it is in your interest to pursue litigation in response to a contractual dispute, Dan can help. Contact Dan Now!

Civil Litigation with dan fiorito law

Dan understands that small businesses cannot afford to pay exorbitant legal fees. He will sit down with you to evaluate your case, and determine a strategy that will be both cost-effective and tailored toward an agreeable outcome. While the trial courts are a forum of last resort for business disputes, with the right plan, it may be possible to avoid needless litigation and the high cost it entails. Regardless, if the circumstances warrant it, Dan will help you to litigate your case as far as necessary to get the right outcome.

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Dan works on an hourly rate on most cases involving litigation. Under some circumstances, he may work on a contingency fee. Dan’s hourly rate for a particular case will vary according to his expertise in the matter, the amount of time the case will consume, and the nature of the litigation.