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The First Steps

Dec. 23, 2019

Whenever you are facing criminal charges, your first step should be to sit down and talk with a criminal defense attorney. You should not hire a DUI defense attorney unless they offer to talk with you in person about your case free of charge. The purpose of the consultation is for the attorney to gather the facts of your case and to answer any preliminary questions you may have. Dan takes pride in the service he provides during a free DUI consultation.

During the course of the consultation, Dan will:

  • learn the facts of your case

  • explain the criminal process;

  • explain the sanctions involved with DUI, both criminal and administrative;

  • suggest available courses of action for you to consider; AND

  • answer any initial questions you may have.

The DUI consultation should serve as a reference point for you to understand what happens next in the process. You should feel more at ease with your situation once you know what to expect. Dan wants all of his potential clients to understand their circumstances so they can make informed decisions with regard to their defense and their future. Contact the Law Office of Dan N Fiorito III today.