About Dan Fiorito III

Areas Of Practice

  • Plaintiff’s Personal Injury including medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability
  • DUI Defense
  • Criminal Defense
  • Commercial Litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Civil Rights / Police Misconduct
Dan on the summit of Denali

About Dan

Dan Fiorito, a fourth generation Seattle native, was born and raised in Ballard and North Seattle. Upon completing his undergraduate degree at Seattle University, Dan worked for The Boeing Company. He then returned to the Seattle University School of Law where he graduated in 2003 in the top 15% of his class.

While in law school, Dan developed a passionate interest in trial and appellate work. He was a regular participant in mock trial competitions and began working for the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. As an intern, Dan argued a dozen appeals before the Division Two Court of Appeals and briefed numerous other cases involving a diverse area of criminal issues. He also tried jury trials as a Rule 9 intern.

After graduation, Dan continued to work for Pierce County as a deputy prosecutor. He tried dozens of cases to verdict as a lead prosecutor and resolved hundreds more by way of litigated motions and settlement negotiations. Dan learned how DUI’s and other crimes such as assault and various felonies were prosecuted from beginning to end. He received training from the Washington State Patrol regarding DUI investigations and the use of the Datamaster breath test machine. As a prosecutor, Dan litigated against highly respected defense attorneys in the area. Not only did he try cases, he sat in the prosecutor’s chair and negotiated cases with hundreds of attorneys. He has extensive knowledge regarding pretrial motions and negotiations. Dan knows how to evaluate, manage, and try a criminal case from beginning to end. Dan is a proponent of preparing every case for trial. Dan believes that his level of preparedness and trial skills are two assets that help optimize the outcome for his clients.

After serving as a deputy prosecutor, Dan worked for a civil litigation firm inSeattle where his work focused on defending physicians and hospitals involved in negligence lawsuits. Dan learned personal injury law and gained invaluable experience in the areas of medical negligence and insurance law.

Dan decided to combine his experiences in medical negligence and criminal defense to open his own law firm in Ballard where he has been practicing since 2007. Since that time, Dan has worked exclusively in the areas of criminal / DUI defense, plaintiff’s personal injury, civil rights, and general and commercial litigation. Dan continues to receive training in the area of DUI law and relies on his years of prosecutorial and criminal defense experience in defending the rights of those accused with crimes. Also, through his combined knowledge of personal injury law and litigation experience, Dan works very hard to advocate on behalf of injured people and to defend their rights against insurance companies. Dan also uses his trial skills in the area of commercial and general litigation.

Dan has been selected as a Rising Star in criminal defense as well as a Top 10 personal injury attorney under the age of 40 in the State of Washington. Dan has also received the Avvo’s Client Choice Award. He continues to passionately represent his clients that find themselves opposite the federal, state and municipal governments or large institutions such as insurance companies, corporations, hospitals, or police departments. Dan has tried jury cases in Snohomish, King and Pierce Counties and has litigated cases in both the Division One and Division Two Washington State Court of Appeals as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and United States District Court of Western Washington.

Dan lives in North Seattle with his family.

Mountaineering and Lawyering

In addition to practicing law, Dan enjoys the outdoors. He has summited Mt. Rainier (14,409’), Mt. Adams (12,280’) (in the winter), and Mt. McKinley (20,321’)(Denali), the highest point in North America. He equates the challenges and lessons of mountaineering with his personal injury and criminal defense cases. Here is what Dan has said on the matter:

Looking up at a big mountain, I often feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what lies ahead. However, I love the challenge because I know it will teach me more about myself then what I knew before I started. Along the way, I will experience adversity in some form or the other whether it be deteriorating conditions, illness, fear or discomfort. Every step brings a unique lesson and I am required to recall my past experiences to remain confident and sure-footed. Sometimes I have to make the difficult decision to turn around. Other times I can make a push for the summit assuming the conditions warrant it. There will always be circumstances outside of my control that I will need to address. No route is ever the same, and nothing must be taken for granted. My training, judgment, and experience are critical to success and good decision-making.

My training, judgment, and experience are critical to success and good decision-making.

Lawyering, like mountaineering, involves an analysis of risk and reward. Every single case is different, no matter how many times I have seen a similar fact pattern. The lawyer or insurance adjuster on the opposite side of the case will vary, as will the judge assigned to the case and even the potential jurors that could hear the case if it goes to trial. Whether handling a DUI charge, a catastrophic injury case, or police misconduct litigation I always navigate the path ahead with strict attention to the goals of my client as well as the factual and legal circumstances they face. It is through an understanding of the law and the facts that a proper risk analysis can be performed. Like making a summit push, the decision to go to trial is a big one that carries a high level of risk. But if the conditions warrant it, I have the experience, fortitude and self-confidence to try my client’s case.


  • Washington State 2003-present
  • United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit
  • United States District Court Western District of Washington


J.D., magna cum laude, Seattle University School of Law, 2003

  • Moot Court Board, Executive Committee Member
  • Order of Barristers
  • Dean’s List / Class Rank: Top 15%
  • Trustee Scholar
  • CALI Award, Federal Income Tax
  • Cheney Legal Writing Scholarship Competition, Finalist
  • Jessup International Law Regional Team Member

B.A., cum laude, Seattle University, Business Administration, 1998

  • Trustee Scholar


  • Washington State Bar Association, 2003-present
  • WSBA Solo and Small Firm Section Executive Committee 2009-2011.
  • Washington State Association For Justice, Eagle Member since 2008. Trial News
  • Editorial Board 2009-2010
  • King County Bar Association, Judicial Candidate Review Committee
  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense


  • National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys, Top 10 under 40 Award 2015
  • Washington Law and Politics Rising Star Award
  • King County Bar Association Member, Volunteer of the Month Award in October 2008
  • Admitted to U.S. District Court Western District of Washington and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • King County Housing Justice Project Volunteer Attorney 2007-2013

The Lawyer’s Prayer for Justice

By Dan Fiorito 2015

Before I engage in this greatest endeavor to serve my client,
Provide me with the strength and heart to maintain discipline and compassion through the
valleys of doubt and darkness that may come,
So that my advocacy is steadfast and ethical at all times, no matter how fierce my
opponent, or how high the stakes.
Give me the courage to challenge hatred, deception, oppression, abuse,
misunderstanding, and ill-will.
Guide me to present the truth so that it may be seen for what it is, not for what somebody
else wants it to be.
Remind me that justice is not measured by an outright victory, but by the intellect, honor,
respect, integrity, compassion and hard work required to get justice done.
Prepare me for the battle, remind me to be humble and to never hang my head.
Grant me wisdom so that my judgments are keen and correct.
Let me not forget that I am an imperfect instrument through which the sounds of justice
may be trumpeted if I stay passionate in my belief in the law and democracy,
That I do not know the answers to the questions before I begin my toils and that only my
maximum effort is acceptable,
That justice can be clouded and made subservient to the prejudices of man and that I must
make it visible for all to see,
That while others who have come before me have started to clear the path, the path to
justice will disappear unless I choose to fight,
That I will be judged not by the size of my verdicts, but by how hard I work to see that
justice is done,
And that I serve not myself, or my ego, but my client.

dan on denali summit